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Global Point System is the most flexible and comprehensive module for Dolphin which was developed using Dolphin's code convention and Alert engine. 

Each member's action can be stimulated with the points. It means that you can easily direct your members to "work" in any part of your site: to post comments, to create forums posts, vote in polls, ads, events, media and etc… Each members' photo, video, blog, group, sound, wall's  item and other modules' elements will be commented, rated and element's owners will get points for that. Comment can get positive or negative vote, so quantity of points will depend on the mark (admin's settings). Thus, you can motivate your members to post better comments, upload more interesting content (photos, videos, sounds, files, groups, event and etc.) and rate them. There are about 250 actions for which you can reward or penalize your members.

There are not only actions which member can execute using some module but also actions which are out of modules. Such as to post, remove, rate, update comments or add member to fave list, blocked members and many others... Also there are a lot of double-side actions. For example: If  member A adds member B to fave list, both of them get points. Member A will get points for adding Member B to fave list and Member B will also get points that he/she was added to fave list. The same feature is available for adding members to friends or block lists.

This module completely integrated with Dolphin's Payment System. It means that all Dolphin's payment providers can be used by members for purchasing the points. Also, the System is integrated with membership levels, thus members can exchange the points for membership levels. Members and admin can present the points to each other and admin can create own actions.


Buy Points – members can buy any number of points using available Dolphin's payment providers. Also, members can buy the points packages. It allows to get the points with discount. We are sure, members will use this feature and owner of the site can sell much more points.

Exchange points for membership levels – administration of the site can set number of points for membership levels with number of days during which this membership level can be used. It is an excellent opportunity to stimulate your members to be active on your site without any payments.

Convert points to money - members can convert their points to real money through the site. Administration can set the rate for exchanging (it can be different then the rate for buying points) and set limitation for number of points to send "points to money" exchange request. This feature is integrated with default Dolphin's payment providers and supports others (if they are properly integrated to the Dolphin) including our Payza (AlertPay) payment provider. For example: you can set $0.01 for one point, so, member will get $1 for 100 points.

Present points – member can present number of points to other members. In this case member who gets points as a gift, will receive the e-mail notification. This feature can be turned off/on in admin panel as many others.

Separate members by points number - member's points level depends on member's points balance. Administration can create any number of levels with their points range and set additional parameters (such as membership level and number of points) to stimulate members to get new level. You can hide blocks with level's info from member's profile and account pages. This feature will motivate members to buy points and present points to each other more often.

Leaders page – on this page member can see other members with points and other info.

Leaders block on home page for members and guests.

Actions points info page – allows members to see how many points they can get or loss for each available action.  

Set limitation for earned points for each membership level:

  • Limitation for points during 24 hours for each membership level – you can set maximum number of points which member can earn during 24 hours.
  • Limitation for points for the certain period - You can set maximum number of points which member can earn during certain period.
  • Limitation for number of actions' executions of during 24 hours –  you can set how many times member can execute any action during 24 hours and this action will be awarded with points.  For example: If you set 10 points for photo uploading and limitation for execution 3, then member will be able to get only 30 points maximum during 24 hours for photo uploading.


Full history control:

  • To clean history of each member
  • To clean History of all members
  • To see detailed History page for members and admin.
  • To correct member's history for admin.


Administration of the site can reward members with any number of points: For example: If member uploads a lot of interesting videos, you can present him/her with 100 points and give reason like: "You have added a lot of interesting videos". This member will be able to see your reason and new 100 points on his/her history page. Also member can get e-mail about new points with your reason. You can also turn on/off email feature in admin panel.

Administration of the site can penalized members with any number of points:This is the same feature as points rewarded but with '–' sign.

Periodic reports: You will get periodic reports with the information about all number of points earned on your site during the whole period and during 24 hours. There will be the list of 10 points leaders also in periodic reports.

Possibility to create new actions: Our system automatically determines any new installed module and allows to add the action for it. It means that you can easily add action for any other module (including other experts modules), but this module should be created using Dolphin's Alert engine.

Set points Increment for members according their membership levels: you can set increment which will be added to each members earned points. For example: if member A with membership level Standard gets 20 points for "profile rate", members B with membership level Gold will get 50 points for the same action in case you set 30 points as increment for Gold membership level.   

Possibility to set negative points: You may set points with '-'  sign. For example: You may set 10 points for video uploading and -10 for video delete. This feature allows to control the content on your site. For example: If member upload photo and delete it, he/she will have 0 points on balance.  You also can set negative points for any action you prefer and your members will be able to see how many points they can loss or get for that action on Info actions points page. It is a great possibility to make your members to do only such actions on your site which you want. 

Full actions control:

  • Disable any action
  • Remove any action
  • Add action
  • Disable module and all the associated actions

Ajax interface – most of operations can be executed without page reloading as for admin and members.
Installation is very easy – You just need to upload module and press the install button. It means that you don't need to change any files and thus you will not be able to break any other modifications or features.  You will perform upgrades of Dolphin without problems.
Demo is here:

This System can be integrated with any of our products without problems. Also many add-ons are available for this module. Don't forget to press update button for this and other our modules and modifications in admin panel to track new versions.

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This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft.

It cannot be modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY.To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license).

This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Global Points System

Global Points System

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