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This module allows members to have/create subprofiles. And a profile-parent owner is capable to quickly switch between subprofiles by simply clicking a single link. Optionally the module also can stop a parent profile owners from unregistering their subprofiles and from changing subprofiles' nickname/email/password. The complete features list:

  • Subprofiles can be created via two ways:
    • if "Parent Profile" field is located on join form then it accepts ID or NickName of a parent profile, this way it allows anyone to create subprofiles
    • An admin can assign subprofiles manually to any profile via module's admin panel, this way only admin can assign subprofiles
  • If a member is having subprofiles then a box appears at the top right corner of any Dolphin page which lists all subprofiles and allows to login as any subprofile in a single click
  • The list of subprofiles shows an icon with the number of unread inbox messages for each subprofile
  • When a parent-profile owner is logged as a subprofile - he is fully functional like if he is logged directly as subprofile
  • The module offers two levels of security:
    • Full access for parent-profiles - in this mode parent-profile owners are having full access to their subprofiles, i.e. they can delete and change their subprofiles like if they are owners of subprofiles
    • Limited access for parent-profiles - in this mode parent-profile owners can't unregister any of his subprofiles and are unable to change subprofiles' nickname/password/email
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This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft.

It cannot be modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY.To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license).

This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.



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