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This mod allows you to catch all members messages if message text contains predefined phrases - phrases of spam, scam, threat, unquotable words, etc. ScamNet will catch those messages and block them thus no actual delivery will occur to the recipient. All captured messages are stored in the database awaiting for your decision. With such a messages you can make one of these actions:
1) Allow selected messages. Messages will be sent to the recipient.
2) Mark senders as trusted. This will exclude those profiles from analyzing their messages.
3) Drop selected Messages. Messages will be permanently deleted.
4) Drop selected Senders. All senders will be permanently deleted (with all their messages and all data relative to their profiles). Also if you have our AMS installed then this action will also ban senders' IPs from accessing the site.

You're able to set up the list of phrases/words to search. You can just list those phrases. Or, if you familiar with regular expressions, you can write a complex message filter using regexp. For example you can catch all messages which contains some email addresses. You can contact us if you need some specific regular expression. You even can premoderate absolutely all messages by using a wildcard ".+" as a phrase to search. Say NO to spammers and rude fellows. :)

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This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft.

It cannot be modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY.To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license).

This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.



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