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This module allows your members to import their photos or albums with photos from Facebook. There is also the tool which motivates members to upload quality and interesting media (photos, videos, sounds) content to the site. In other words, if you aim to fill up your site with the real and interesting content and earn on it, this module helps you to do it.

The main reason why your members will be motivated to upload new content is that they can earn additional points by uploading new content such as photo, video and music. In this case, one of our Point System should be used on your site.

How it works:

After you set Facebook photo importer there will be additional areas with references on the top menu of the page of creating Photo albums and browsing Photo. On these areas members can import photos separately or albums with photos entirely by several clicks.

The tool is very simple and easy-to-understand. Each photo or album is marked in data base, so, it couldn’t be imported twice.

Photos can be imported not only from Facebook profile of its owner, but from his/her friends’ profiles where this member is tagged.

Additional benefits if you have our Points System (1 or 2):

This module is en excellent tool for generating incentive behavior of you members:

  • additional points for members who upload interesting and quality photos, video and music from the site’s administration
  • additional points for members who uploaded that content from viewers

Members can set filters to their media files and make media content closed for that members who don’t have certain numbers of points (number is settled by administrator). If the content is closed all the rest members can pay by points to view it. If they don’t have enough points on balance they can buy them. So, this module helps members to sell their media content and you as site owner to earn by this. The number of points which should be spent to view certain content depends on admin settings and membership level of an owner of content. It can also be great incentive for owner to buy more expensive membership level if it’s required more points to view of their media content.

Site admin can use the following options in order to motivate members be active and buy points:

  1. number of points which should be earned(on member’s Balance) if the member wants to have possibility to close content.
  2. number of points to view closed content if the member doesn’t have required number of points on balance.
  3. number of points for each following uploaded photo, video, music. For example: if you set 1 points for it, then member will get 5 points for uploading of the 5th photo.
  4. number of points for "content of the day, week, month".
  5. number of points for each imported photo from Facebook (option can be set only for photos).

Install NOW and Enjoy it!

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This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Facebook Importer

Facebook Importer

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