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This module allows you to create dependent fields. Did you ever dream that during join process a member is able to select country and then in the next field state from the list of states of a selected country? That is what this mod allows. You can create infinite level of dependency. For example Country->State(Region)->City->School->Class. And after choosing field value in the parent field user will see in dependent field only values that you've defined exactly for this value of a parent field. And this module applies to join page, profile edit page and people search page.

Main features:
    1. Possibility to create infinite level dependency
    2. Possibility to use AJAX requests to retrieve values list. This feature can save a lot of traffic for your potential users if you have large values lists.
    3. Possibility to set AJAX mode only for the desired fields. I.e. AJAX mode in not global option but applies to each field separately.
    4. Possibility to make multiple dependencies. I.e. each field can have more than one dependent field. For example City->School and City->University.

You can view it in action here Try selecting there "United States" or "Canada" for Country field.

Note that this module affects only select Selector (Select (Drop-Down Box)) controls.

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Dependent Fields

Dependent Fields

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