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This System contains the most popular and useful features of Affiliate and Referral programs. It is developed in order to increase the quantity of members on your site.  Affiliate\Referrals System allows to use different price and reward policies which will motivate your members to invite the new visitors on your site. This mod allows to use any page of your site as Referrals and Affiliate Banners links and it's totally integrated with Dolphin's payment system and our Points System.

It's possible to pay commission with money and(or) points. there is also a new possibility for your members - to send invitations to their friends directly or through cron jobs queue.

Member can get commission for:

  • joined member by using banner or referral links
  • banner impression
  • banner click
  • percentage of spent money for purchase of any paid membership level by invited   member

  1. Member can see the report of all actions which were done using his/her referral or affiliate banner link.
  2. Member can see the sums of received, expected and collected commissions.
  3. Member can send the request for receiving already collected sum and site's owner can pay it off by any acceptable way proceeding the commission transaction in admin panel of the system.  
  4. Member can send the invitations to friends using special window. It also allows to add member's own message to the body of invitation (depends on administrator's settings). On My Account page members can see a block with referrals statistics and unpaid commissions which were earned by their links.

Features for administrator:

Administrator can disable Affiliate or Referral Features and use only one of them.  Administrator can set the commissions price for invited members and their memberships upgrades (depends on membership level of member who invited). In other words, commission's price depends on membership level.   

Administrator can create banners and set the price for:

  • banner click
  • banner impression
  • joined member
  • percentage of sum which is spent by invited member for purchase of paid membership

Administrator can:

  • set the price only for banners' clicks and impressions, but the price for membership upgrades and joined members which were done by banners maybe the same as for referrals (depends on membership level of member who invited).
  • see the list of members using different sortings such as commissions sums, number of invited members and etc.
  • see the paid and unpaid commissions of each member using different sortings by number of invited members, banner’s impressions, clicks and etc if needed.
  • create, edit banners and set their commission characteristics.  
  • set any page of the site as default link for banners or referrals.
  • clear history of each member or all members.
  • set the period in days for uniqueness of actions which are done by members. It means - during this period of time member will get commissions for actions which will be done by unique persons. For example:  If the administrator set 30 days’ period, during this time all the actions will be filtered by IP addresses. Members will receive the commission only for unique banners’ impressions, joined members and banners' clicks.  
  • set the period during which site's visitor will have cookies and if he/she decides to join, then inviting member get commissions for it.
  • set number of invitations which members can send every 24 hours and may allow to send invitations through cron jobs and in this case members may send unlimited invitations number, because they will be sent with other mass mailer messages at stated intervals.

Additional features if you have our Points System:

You can set Points for:

  • each banner's click
  • each banner's impression
  • each joined member
  • each member who invited new members which upgraded their membership levels

There is also possibility to set points for invited and upgraded members according their membership levels. Additional action: set points for sending invitation from your site by members. Also you can disable Points system for Affiliate\Referrals mod.

Installation is very very easy.

Ajax interface for administration and user parts.

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This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft.

It cannot be modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY.To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license).

This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Affiliate\Referrals System

Affiliate\Referrals System

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