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This module moves the whole subscriptions feature to a completely new level. With this module a member can subscribe to any of the actions of another member and he will be able to decide which actions he is interested in. I.e. f.ex. if a member wants to track all new photos of some other member and doesn't want to see notifications about comments, blog posts, and anything else - then he can achieve that easily via a few clicks. Moreover the module offers a separate page for tracking all the actions of all the profiles member is following/subscribed to. That page shows all actions a member was decided to subscribe to from all profiles a member is following in a nice timeline-styled way (see screenshots). On top of that the module is capable to send hourly email notifications about all activities member is subscribed to. The screenshots above should help you to get the idea as to how it works. The complete features list:

  • Add profile "Follow" action button which can be used anywhere on the site where profile's thumb/icon appears.
  • Allows a member to choose types of activities he wants to track/follow per profile
  • Allows a member to decide whether he wants to receive email notifications about activities of a particular profile he is following
  • Notifies about new actions via member menu item
  • Shows the latest 10 notifications in a member menu popup box
  • Adds a profile page block showing Followers/Following stats for a particular profile
  • Provides a separate page for tracking/managing all subscriptions
  • Shows all new activities bolded. Marks them as read upon visiting the subscriptions page
  • The list of profiles a member is following also shows 3 latest activities for each profile. The list itself is sorted by profiles' activity.
  • The module's homepage is showing the timeline of all activities a member is following
  • A member can view all activities of a particular profile he is subscribed to on a separate page by clicking the "view all activity" link for a profile
  • If a member checked "Notify by email" while subscribing to a profile - he will be getting hourly notifications about all activities of a profile for the past hour. The notification is cumulative, i.e. if a member is following 2 profiles and wants to get notifications for both then he will get just one email with activities of both profiles.
  • Automatically cleans up the database, leaves only notifications for activities of the past 72 hours (configurable parameter)

You can see it in action at any time at our public demo site:

Login: aqbtest

Password: xxxxx

A direct link to subscriptions page:

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It cannot be modified for other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY.To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license).

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Advanced Subscriptions

Advanced Subscriptions

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