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This module allows members to send virtual gifts to their friends or other members on Birthday, Halloween, Christmas and etc.. It has simple design and may be very effective on your site, because allows members to flirt with someone, praise or congra…
2362 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.2.x,7.3.x
This module allows you to award your members with image-based awards for different kinds of actions. All profile awards are then visible directly on a profile page. Also members could see the list of available awards which can possibly encourage them…
2969 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
Global Point System is the most flexible and comprehensive module for Dolphin which was developed using Dolphin's code convention and Alert engine.  Each member's action can be stimulated with the points. It means that you can easily direct your mem…
$60 - $70
3850 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
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