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This module allows members and guests to send requests for callback or form with questions/comments on email(s). It allows your clients to communicate with you very fast when they have some problems. Thus you may increase site’s service quality and c…
1018 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.2.x
This module adds the possibility for your members to easily browse votes, which they received throughout your site, in one single place. It's important that your members would be able to see the VALUE of each vote they received which is not possible …
1060 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.2.x
Useful add-on for our Points system, which allows to block membership actions according the membership level. If you want to block some abilities for members who have negative points balance, this module allows to do it. You may choose actions whic…
1073 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
This simple module tracks all page visits by all members and shows latest pages visits in a separate profile block. This way any visitor can see in a real-time where a particular member is navigating to. Which in turn can be useful to determine inter…
1051 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
This module allows to translate your site to more than 90 world's languages. It helps to remove language barriers among people and make it available for each person in the world, because now users may translate every comment and description block on …
1046 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.2.x
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