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Module provides you with navigation menu that automatically transforms to vertical layout when viewing with mobile or any other devices. It allows to make your site mobile friendly and more convenient for users. Also, it helps to protect users from u…
2545 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x,7.3.x
This simple module tracks all page visits by all members and shows latest pages visits in a separate profile block. This way any visitor can see in a real-time where a particular member is navigating to. Which in turn can be useful to determine inter…
2611 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
This module helps members to always be aware of all posts, replies and comments to their wall, content posts, forum posts and comments. As soon as someone will post a comment reply or a comment to member's content entry (photo, video, profile, blog p…
2856 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
It is simple and useful module which allows to add slide menu and scrolling button on each page of the site. Member will be able to see arrow in the left or right side of the page (depends on administration’s settings). This menu appears on mouse ove…
2986 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
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