About Us

AQB Soft is a young and ambitious team of professional web developers with extensive experience in the social software market. Since our foundation in October 2009, we have been fully focusing on customer needs and purposes. Cooperation and support are the main principles which we apply in order to assist our customers to realize their full potential in business.

Our team members have higher education in computer engineering software and more than 10 years programming experience in web and desktop software development. Currently, as software engineers, we perform and continuously improve our job by creating new products for social websites which based on BoonEx Dolphin.

Alexey Diachenko

Anton Lesnikov

Alexander Kireev

Initially, we had started our cooperative work in January 2007 as AntonLV on expertzzz.com (further on boonex.com). Currently, we also continue our cooperation with BoonEx as a vendor AntonLV on Boonex.com and also one of our co-workers (Anton Lesnikov) still works as a BoonExer combining his job with AQB Soft own projects.

During our collaboration with BoonEx.com we gained great skills and knowledge about Dolphin as community software and participated in a great number of web sites launches providing their further promotion and support.

Our Mission is providing our customers with high quality products and services which assist to achieve their business and personal goals. Everything we do comes back to making a significant contribution to build a stable and profitable business for our customers. Our vision is to be the customers' first and best choice in the products and services we provide. We always aim to be the most reliable and flexible partner for every customer using an individual approach and providing innovative business solutions.

Our Values:

  • We deliver CUSTOMER satisfaction. We are devoted to satisfying our customers. All members of our team strive to become trustworthy partners who listen to their requests and strive to exceed their expectation by providing quality and on-time services.
  • We provide innovative solutions Social software market is extremely developing and fast changing business sphere that requires a higher level of performance. We always aim to stay one step ahead by constant renewing our portfolio with competitive, effective and "breaking in to the market" products. We create new ideas and solutions that lead to prosperity and growth of our customer businesses.
  • We take responsibility for results We are always responsible for the results of our performance by creating high quality products bringing our clients moral and material benefit. We aim to constant improvement of the quality of whatever we do.
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