This module allows your members to import their photos or albums with photos from Facebook. There is also the tool which motivates members to upload quality and interesting media (photos, videos, sounds) content to the site. In other words, if you ai…
$40 - $45
1345 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x
You can empower your site possibilities: latest news, flash games, rss feeds and any html block now are available for you and your members on Groups Pages. This AJAX application allows to create any kind of blocks and share them under administration …
$50 - $90
2207 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
The modification helps you to get rid of annoying spammers and scammers. You can ban your undesirable customers by profile ID, visitors by IP address or by the country of residence. Also, you can track member which were created from one IP address. …
$60 - $80
2630 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x
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3 days ago · From ovoprel73
Compatibility: 7.1.x
This module is needed for site owner, who wants to track the changes in members' activity, anytime he logged into his site.Module adds a block with activity trackers on Dashboard page. The trackers are represented as diagram (graph). Currently two tr…
45 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.2.x,7.3.x
The module allows the site's admin to download videos from various sites like, CNN, ESPN, etc. simply by providing a link(s) to a video and automatically uploads them to your Dolphin site as if they were uploaded manually like regular fil…
92 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x,7.3.x
The module allows to set up discounts for membership levels purchases depending on a profile's country. I.e. with this module members from different countries will see the different prices for the same membership levels purchases.
118 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x,7.3.x
This is a seamless integration of the Rumbletalk chat. The chat itself offers a lot of features like audio/video streaming, file sharing, private chats, etc. But for Dolphin sites the coolest feature of the Rumbletalk chat is that it is being hosted…
141 days ago · From admin
Compatibility: 7.1.x,7.0.x,7.2.x,7.3.x
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